Tuesday, 17/9/2019 | 1:24 UTC+0

How to Look for the Best Cat-Friendly Apartments

When you are looking for an apartment it is really a hard thing to do when you are on your own. It becomes even harder when you have to find out the cat-friendly apartments. If you are searching for a unit that is cat-friendly and are facing all sorts of troubles then read on to find some ways that will make the process quite easier for you.

No matter where you are searching for your new apartment unit, at some point you will be bound to narrowing down the search and make sure that you only look for the ones that are cat-friendly. This way you will be able to rule out the buildings in areas which aren’t too keen on the feline residents.

As you start meeting the landlords while finding the cat-friendly rental units, make sure that you bring along some recommendations to give some confidence to your potential landlord and making yourself more feasible as a tenant. If you have a letter provided by your previous landlord regarding the condition in which you have left that place will help you a great deal to easily impress your new landlord. This should only be done when you have already got all the security deposit amount back from old landlord. It is also a good idea to compile reference list with contacts of your previous landlords and allow the new landlord to collect all the information regarding you himself. It should be kept in mind to offer only those references that will surely portray you as a positive tenant.

When looking for cat-friendly apartment rentals make sure that you go for the one that offers renter’s insurance. Certain insurance policies tend to cover any kind of pet damage. Even if you are not able to find one that offers such coverage, you will still be able to show the landlord that you’re responsible enough and there are means that allow you to pay any damage as well.

As soon as you are done with hunting an apartment that is cat-friendly and you’ve got some place which allows you to live with your cat, make sure that you get everything in writing. It should be ensured that the lease you sign includes the section defining terms for your cat outlining all conditions for you to keep it. For instance, if pet deposit is being paid, make sure that it is stated in the lease that you will be provided your money back. Prior to signing the lease, don’t forget to go through your new apartment rental and note any damages that are already present and ask the landlord to note them down too. In fact, you would never want your beloved cat to take blame for anything that was done by some former resident of the unit.

So, once you have set everything in place, it’s time for you to decorate and furnish your apartment keeping in mind what are the habits of your cat. If she tends to scratch too much, think about buying some scratching pole. This will make sure that it does not damage your sofas or flooring.