Tuesday, 17/9/2019 | 1:07 UTC+0

Yuma, Arizona is a Growing Place

Yuma, Arizona is a growing place. The entire state keeps growing as part of the national Sun Belt. For much of the country’s history, the population was largely urbanized up north, where heat could be had easily through fire, but there simply was no answer for the heat of the summer in the South and West. The invention of air conditioning changed that, and started internal migration from northern cities to cities along the coasts and where there is a lot of sunshine, which Arizona has a lot of.

Yuma is in Yuma County. It’s in the southeastern corner of the state, and it is the county seat of its area. The population of the city itself was roughly 77,000 in the 2000 Census, yet almost fifteen thousand more in the 2010 Census. The population and economy are clearly booming here.

The larger metropolitan area is almost a quarter million people, although that number swells during the winter. Nearly a hundred thousand retirees call this place home during the winter when the weather is more reasonable and comfortable to them. While long-term emigration patterns have people picking up roots permanently and putting them down in places like Arizona, retirees with the physical and financial means often choose a summer home and a winter home, meaning a change of scenery twice a year and always being some place cozy and beautiful.

Such individuals are often high net worth families or individuals and might come from places like California, Texas, but even Utah and Idaho, where winters can be long, dark, and dreary.

Yuma is also a good home base for those looking to explore and enjoy Mexico, which is only a few miles away across the border. Yuma conveniently sits roughly halfway between San Diego or Los Angeles and Phoenix.