Tuesday, 17/9/2019 | 1:07 UTC+0

Yuma Republicans Pick Three Candidates To Replace Don Shooter

YUMA, AZ – The Yuma County Republican Party has named three candidates to replaced Don Shooter in the state House of Representatives. Shooter was expelled from the state House last week after an investigation found credible evidence that he had sexually harassed women.

State law says that to fill Shooter’s vacancy, the county Republicans precinct committee members from the district pick three names and forward them to the Board of Supervisors. They will make their selection on Monday morning at their meeting.

Shooter, who represented District 13, was the first legislator to be expelled in nearly 30 years.

The candidates to replace him are:

Paul Brierly;Tim Dunn; andCora Lee Schingnitz

Photo of Shooter via Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo


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